What to expect from Mobile World Congress 2016


Today, there are few children that do not have a mobile phone with internet connection. Yet these technologies did not exist when their parents were young. Entire social movements are being enabled through the disruptive use of digital technology. For instance, the daily average time that users spend on mobile is longer than the average time […]

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Workshop on innovation methods by Herbert Pock

workshop on innovation

Herbert Pock has taken part in more than 400 projects as founder and CEO of Austin BFP. His areas of expertise concentrate in Business consultancy, organizational development, strategy Coaching, Innovations and R&D management, knowledge management, consulting for subsidies and funding. Blue Room Innovation regularly invites experts in to present ideas on topics of the company […]

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Personalisation as the future of Tourism marketing at Fitur 2016


Good proof of this it was the large participation in the recent International Tourism Trade Fair – FITUR, which took place in Madrid from January 20th to 24th.The event focused this time in Artificial Intelligence and its future application in several areas of the tourism and, in general terms it constituted an excellent opportunity to present and share innovative […]

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Co-financiar la transformación de tu negocio con RETOS

Convocatoria RETOS Colaboración 2016

Nuevas ideas, análisis de la competencia, alternativas en financiación, productos nuevos, canales de distribución innovadores, nuevas líneas de negocio, nuevos partners, etc… son algunos de los puntos claves a tener en cuenta en el momento en el que se decide realizar un cambio estratégico en una compañía. ¿Cuál es el objetivo? Reposicionarse, aumentar quota de […]

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Participate at the Smart Blue City Conference and Exhibition

Smart Blue City

The 1st Euro-Mediterranean Conference on “Smart Urban Development and Blue Growth Opportunities for Cities, Communities and Islands in the Mediterranean” will take place in the city of Limassol, Cyprus, on 14th – 16th April 2016. The conference and exhibition aims to create a platform for interaction and knowledge exchange among the key actors involved in […]

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Call for papers – Smart Blue City


The 1st Euro-Mediterranean Conference for “Smart Urban Development and Blue Growth Opportunities for Cities, Communities and Islands in the Mediterranean”, will take place in the city of Limassol, CYPRUS on 14th – 16th April 2016. Taking into consideration the peculiarities of the Mediterranean coastal cities and communities, such as vulnerability to climate change impacts, economic […]

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Big unstructured data


Big unstructured data, from social media posts to email or images, is growing at an unprecedented pace. In accordance with an IBM Corp.’s study, the world generates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day from unstructured data sources like digital pics, online videos, social media publications, posts, etc. In order to solve the problem, organizations […]

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