Personalisation as the future of Tourism marketing at Fitur 2016

Personalisation as the future of Tourism marketing at Fitur 2016

In accordance with recent EU statistics, residents (aged 15 and above) from within the EU-28 made an estimated 1.2 billion tourism trips in 2014, for personal or business purposes. Tourism, therefore, plays an important role in the EU because of its economic and employment potential, as well as its social, technological and environmental implications.

Good proof of this it was the large participation in the recent International Tourism Trade Fair – FITUR, which took place in Madrid from January 20th to 24th.The event focused this time in Artificial Intelligence and its future application in several areas of the tourism and, in general terms it constituted an excellent opportunity to present and share innovative solutions in the field of tourism. Blue Room Innovation could not miss the appointment and was present at the event, at the Know How & Export Area stands, where there were around 30 technology companies with innovative products but interested in innovating more.


The event had a conference area dedicated to technology and presentations throughout the main three days days. Some of them raised relevant topics such as “digitalising the client experience” and “Outlook on travel technology trends”. Several CIO’s of tourism companies like hotel chains were also presenting their best practises. For instance, one presentation highlighted personalisation as the future of marketing which is extremely relevant to Blue Room Innovation.

Personalisation, Artificial Intelligence, Increasing Sales and Systems Integration were key phrases in the conference area, as well as in the event in general, which highlighted that there is a huge opportunity in technology applied in tourism and the need for businesses to differentiate themselves with digital technology, to personalise their tourism offers. A very popular presentation by Andy Stalman concluded that personalisation is the future of tourism marketing.

Need to get transformed your Tourism business with digital technology? Here you are some of Blue Room Innovation examples of tourism applications:

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Improving customer service and increasing sales

AGI is an advanced intelligent personal assistant which aims to automatically answer customer questions regarding the sale of tourism products. It addresses challenges of increasing online sales and more demanding customers who require accurate answers at any time. It also leverages the increasing use of mobile devices and tablets to make bookings online.

Tailoring products to customers’ needs and preferences

Because every customer is different, the offer made to them should be too. For instance, Blue Locations is a vacation rental web focusing on prestigious buildings, located in the Costa Brava, unlike other sites that focus on all types of properties. By creating digital profiles of users the offer is tailored based on their preferences. Recommender systems can improve sales by 8-20%. Would you like to try?