How mobile will continue to digitally disrupt our lives and careers

How mobile will continue to digitally disrupt our lives and careers

How long do you spend per day using your mobile phone? According to eMarketer for the average adult in the USA this is nearly 3 hours per day! There is no doubt that mobile usage has evolved rapidly from text  images videos, the key question is, what is next?

In 1994 only 1% of the world’s population had a mobile phone and in 2014 this had increased to 73%, according to Informa Source.

At Blue Room Innovation we see the massive impact that Mobile has on all the sectors that we work in. We also see the huge potential for businesses to adopt mobile technology right now.

Here are some of our predictions for the future of mobile:

People will be connected 24/7 with Mobile Devices

In 2020 20 billion “Things” will be connected to the internet in the Internet of Things. This will include your car, fridge freezer and perhaps your drone. There are exciting benefits of this connectivity including efficiency savings and sustainability, more personalized products and services and more time for the end user to enjoy life with the menial tasks being taken care of!

Content will increasingly be user generated and personalized

Most new news is already created and reported by the general public using their mobile phone. This seems like an obvious change since they are witnesses at the scene of the event and it would be necessary to wait several hours for a news team to arrive. This pattern will continue to affect other sectors like tourism, arts & culture and even retail.

More people will be working in flexible jobs and using mobile technology to achieve this

The workforce expects an increasingly flexible and versatile work environment. Collaboration online is critical and being able to provide services via their mobile phones is a must. Wearables is a key technology in enabling this movement.

The consumer increasingly knows what they want and expects it when they want it

Consumers are becoming more demanding. They want to be able to purchase a product right away on their mobile in the exact moment that they have the need. The growth in mobile internet businesses and decline in offline retail is illustrative of this pattern.

Mobile security will continue to be extremely important

Adware grew 136% to 410,000 apps between 2013 and 2014 giving attackers access to personal information such as contacts. Combating increasing cyber-attacks requires innovation in mobile identity and particular attention to how financial services will be offered and managed with mobile devices.

In this line, “Mobile is everything” will be the motto of this year’s Mobile World Congress. The upcoming event Mobile World Congress 2016, to be held at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona from 22 to 25 of February, brings together more than 2.100 companies from different sectors such as telephony, automotive and finance, which will showcase their innovations. Naturally, Blue Room Innovation will be present at the event, as well as at the MWC Brokerage Event organized by ACCIÓ.