The importance of getting smarter

The importance of getting smarter

According to UN the world urban population is expected to increase by 84 per cent by 2050. As our planet becomes more populated and urban, our cities need to get smarter. In order to have the capacity to handle large scale urbanization, it becomes crucial to find innovative ways to manage complexity, increase efficiency, moderate expenses, and improve citizens’ quality of life. This is where the concept of Smart City applies: it involves much more than the use of ICT for better resource use, it means smarter urban transport networks, upgraded water supply, waste disposal facilities, more efficient ways to light and heat buildings. It also involves a more interactive and responsive city administration and safer public spaces conceived to meet the needs of the urban population.

High-tech innovations aimed at making cities smarter. How to tackle urban challenges with technology is the focus of many solutions.

Blue Room Innovation: new member of the business network Secartys

In this line, the goal of the business network Secartys is to improve competitiveness on several high-tech sectors: electronics, ICT, telecommunications, professional audio and lighting, electronic leisure, solar, energy efficiency, home automation and building automation solutions and smart cities. Secartys represents more than 1.200 companies, including integrated direct partners and other associations, with the goal of strengthening the competitiveness of the industry, fostering its internationalisation. Being a member of this network it is an opportunity for Blue Room Innovation to bring our expertise in digital technologies.

Blue Room Innovation has developed some smart solutions to address these questions:

How can I apply artificial intelligence to resource control?

BNSTAR had a vision to help commercial establishments reduce their water usage. By combining intelligent valves with software developed by Blue Room, hot and cold water usage is monitored and efficiency savings made. Blue Room applied artificial intelligence in the form of pattern analysis and forecast that make suggestions for actions that can be taken.

How can I get to know my customers better?

Aqualogy is the global brand of integrated water solutions. When posed with the challenge of how to get to know their customers better, Blue Room helped with the creation of an app with integrated gamification. Through interactive screens the user learns about their water use and Aqualogy learns about them, a win-win situation.

How can I use social media to improve my customer service?

Social media has brought about a direct communication channel with customers which can be beneficial and a challenge. COSO gathers the comments of customers, their questions and complaints in order to offer an automatic answer once these points have been analyzed, taking into account semantic aspects and subjective opinions.

How satisfied are the citizens in my city?

ISAC is a virtual, intelligent, interactive and multichannel assistance service for citizens. ISAC’s tool management has created a new feature which shows a cloud of concepts, intuitive information that contains interests or concerns of citizens that can be searched between specific dates. Thanks to all this information we can measure the citizen satisfaction.

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