Workshop on Creativity, Art & ICT

Workshop on Creativity, Art & ICT

Innovation responding to the challenges of the 21st century needs inter/multi-disciplinary collaboration across all sectors of society. At EU level, the European Commission has acknowledged the importance of the intersection of Arts and ICT in its 2016-2017 work programme in the context of innovation in science, creativity and technology.  In this line, several H2020 programme calls focus on fostering collaborations between the art world and science and industry.

Last week, several stakeholders related to Creative Arts visited us at Blue Room Innovation. This workshop is part of a series of sessions on several different topics we intend to develop at Blue Room Innovation during 2016. In this case, Sònar +D, New Media University and SMEs stakeholders Minimilks and Tururut Art Infogràfic participated in a workshop aimed at understanding and facilitating connections between art and Information and Communication Technologies – ICT, with a view to set  co-creation and collaboration interaction, and establish a future partnership and a solid network at EU level.

Blue Room Innovation presented several technologies which can be applied in this sector, as for instance Smart contracts/block chain technology for digital art digital and uniqueness, or product and service customization from a big data analysis. Find out more on Blue Room innovation technology applied on arts & culture here.


We are working on the following lines:
  1. Further developing ICT and ART concept ideas based on the co-creation concept.
  2. Create a professional working group who will work usually in the project.
  3. Get the potential ideas that come out of the working group
  4. Transform potential ideas into ambitious proposal (European calls)
2016, the starting point

In case you are an active stakeholder in Creative industries, we would like to encourage you to participate actively in our working group.

Write us for further information about agendas & calendars.