The Importance of Social CRM in sales process

The Importance of Social CRM in sales process

One of the challenges for B2B companies is managing all customer information and the relationship they have with their values ​​and data. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) continues to be a very important competitive advantage in a mature market. This advantage could differentiate ourselves from our competition.

That is why the Social CRM has become necessity for companies that want to create new relationships with customers, potential customers and Prospects.

Social Media Networks offer the possibility of multiplying the volume of data that companies previously got from their customers and audience. There exist a new way of talking with customers and exchange information. It allows to create a more personal relationship through monitoring the contacts we have and getting constant feedback.

Moreover, it’s possible by using Social CRM, to identify potential customers and prospects who know our company or services, create custom content to increase the proximity and attract them.

Social CRM and marketing automation is gaining importance in our society. This is directly affecting the way companies sell.

Companies do not know how to handle this volume of data, many services offer the possibility to measure or monitoring this information without success. That’s why we show you 10 keys to be clear about what the Social CRM offers to the companies to understand its importance and how you can apply it to your company in a successful way.

The 10 keys of the Social CRM 

  1. Identify new business opportunities for sales channel
  2. Reduce negative feedback of the company and benefit from the experience
  3. Attend existing customers, potential customers and Prospects
  4. Monitoring communication campaigns through social networks
  5. Personalize and segment campaigns
  6. Create new and improved experiences
  7. Attend quickly customers’ potential customers’ needs
  8. Task control
  9. Updated information in real time
  10. Extensive Social Knowledge

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SOMA is a tool designed to enhance the Marketing and Sales department, through a better understanding of who are the people who interact with the company. Helping companies to improve their business intelligence through integration the unstructured data from social networks with other information available. This way, a successful strategy and deeper relationships with customers and potential customers will be achieved, allowing to create win-win relationships.