WOIC 2017: the open innovation conference

Our collaboration in a paper with other experts for the WOIC 2017, taking place in San Francisco

Josep Lluis de la Rosa, Victor Torres-Padrosa, Andrés el-Fakdi, Denisa Gibovic, Hornyák, O., Lutz Maicher, and Francesc Miralles

Abstract — Blockchain technology, initially devoted to power the bitcoin is growingly proving its applicability in many other usages. At the same time, the recent definitions of open innovation describes it as an ‘across boundaries’ process that distributed reliable solutions backed by blockchain technologies and derivatives are meaningful to. There is such a complex web of archaic processes, legacy systems, and misaligned incentives intra- and inter- company within the value chain of an industry, and extensively to open innovation, that if you stand any chance of innovating it, you really need the ability to orchestrate and move multiple stakeholders, in multiple organizations, at the same time, for the right reasons, in a non-threatening, trustable, and efficient way.
Moreover, the distributed nature of open innovation meets the distributed nature of the blockchain technology. This is especially true for the open innovation platforms, because they show limitations that demand reinvention on the basis of renewed confidence and expectancies. With this perspective, their synergies with blockchain technological approaches are worth of being surveyed in this paper, and their future usages forecasted.

About the conference

The 4th Annual World Open Innovation Conference returns to California! This year, the event will be held in the epicenter of Silicon Valley – San Francisco. After three successful events, the World Open Innovation Conference has established itself as one of the most well attended Open Innovation conferences in the worldIndustry leaders and academic scholars have helped identify and develop ways to bridge the gap between Open Innovation research, and Open Innovation practices.

The conference offers a unique setting to combine the latest in Open Innovation research with the open innovation practices of some of the world’s leading companies. Academic scholars have an opportunity to apply their research to current challenges and areas of development within company settings. Likewise, industry leaders can glean, learn, and apply Open Innovation research to their innovation strategy.