KIMconference|Innovation alliances:new route to the market

KIMconference|Innovation alliances:new route to the market

It is an honour to participate at the KIMconference 2018.
Happy to meet colleagues and make new contacts!

KIMconference 2018 | Innovation alliances: a new route to the market

The KIMconference 2018, which will take place on February 7th in Barcelona.

In this edition we will discuss the different models of collaborative networks that exist in innovation. We will delve into innovation ecosystems: collaboration between large companies and startups, intrapreneurship or new models of collaborative economy to answer questions such as: What are the challenges of the connection between key entities in innovation? What problems should we face in the collaboration between start-ups, large corporations and universities? What tools and initiatives are the actors of this ecosystem implementing for the initiatives of the workers?

We will do it through an informal day that will feature quality debates, dialogues and workshops, with a more dynamic format and without encorsetar. Participation is also one of the most important axes of this event. The schedule of the central act is from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. approximately.


The confirmed companies at the KIMconferenece are: HP, Repsol, YouNoodle, Danone, Hitachi, BlaBlaCar, Acciona, SocialCar, Aigües de Barcelona, Induct, Nir-vana, Ship2b, PARC Barcelona y Cooltra.

This year we want to turn the KIMconference into a community of search for trends and sources in innovation, which allows us to transmit content and learn to understand different sectors, expanding our collaborative network.

KIMconference is Organized by Fundación KIMbcn