NEW! Researchers ’ Identity Development in Social Sciences

NEW! Researchers ’ Identity Development in Social Sciences

Social sciences research is crucial to successfully address those challenges emerging from pursuing more inclusive, innovative and secure societies. Within the framework of the aforesaid  societal challenges;  technological development –though necessary, is not enough to guarantee social change and innovation.

We still know very little about these innovation processes in social contexts, what institutional conditions are key, the role of culture and values in their development, and why this happens in some countries more easily than in others. The point is to shift from “science in society” to “science for society”. This has to do directly with Social Sciences researchers, who in recent years have experienced an increase in their responsibility and need for transversality and applicability of their results, as well as with the European policies concerning training and promotion of new generations of Social Sciences researchers.

However, current studies  do stress the need for responsible research based on trained prospective researchers in order to attain the excellence in Social Sciences research. This idea compels us to develop! and… What do we develop?


  • To reconceptualize the role and identity of Social Sciences researchers in order to enable them to successfully face current societat challenges.
  • To enhance the development of new Social Sciences researchers’ identity through training.


  1. To design, create and assess interactive on-line research-based resources to help new Social Sciences researchers to face challenges concerning: interaction with supervisors, teams and communities of reference, strategies and emotions, and scientific writing and prodution.
  2. To develop, validate and set up a set of digital tools that contribute to develop the Social Sciences researchers’ identity and effective participation in the scientific community of reference.
  3. To raise awareness within European scientific community on the importance of Researchers’ Identity Education in Social Sciences through the presence of these digital tools.
  4. To showcase and disseminate proven methodologies, tools and practices to successfully address Researchers’ Identity Education challenges in Social Sciences.


Blue Room Innovation co-creates this new Researchers’
Identity Education in Social Sciences project

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