MUDP in la Salle, training future project managers

MUDP in la Salle, training future project managers

Next weeks, the students of the Master in Project Management (MUDP) of La Salle are receiving training in International Projects, these sessions are coordinated and given by Denisa Gibovic, among other professionals.

Description of Master

There is a growing demand for project managers who can manage international projects and who can operate in a variety of cultural and socio economic settings and are capable of handling the complexities that arise while working in an international context. Globalisation involves being able to manage virtual teams, control projects in remote locations and dealing with global stakeholders. The aim of the course is to give students the necessary skills for planning and executing international projects, including the management of virtual teams; understanding the different work environments and specific Project characteristics around the world; dealing with public procurement processes; and the implication of international legislations and regulatory practices to their projects. Students will also be able to recognise the associated risks, logistics and other challenges related to remote project management.


After completing this subject, students will be able to:

  • To work in an international context
  • To recognise diversity and cultural differences
  • To understand the concepts of framework management
  • To identify and manage the challenges typically found in international projects
  • To identify business opportunities for International Public Tendering
  • To adopt consortium strategies in order to form effective partnerships
  • To manage international projects


All professors are professionals within the sector with years of experience and the best training. Check it out here!


  1. Introduction to International Project Management – Denisa Gibovic
  2. Globalisation and international markets – Valentí Camps
  3. Managing international projects in a global organisation – Héctor Martinez
  4. Managing NPOs and NGOs international projects – Miguel Sanchez
  5. Financing of international ventures – Denisa Gibovic
  6. Outsourcing projects in Asia – Tom Van der Heyden
  7. Wrap us session – Denisa Gibovic
  8. Managing international projects: case studies 8. – Herbert Poch


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