CDICAE – The lastest education project

CDICAE – The lastest education project

We start with a new collaboration in an international education project! We celebrate a consortium meeting for the Project CDICAE – Collaboration to Design an Innovative Curriculum for Animation Education [8th – 10th May, Slovenia].

The main goal of the project is to build curriculum on a new animation bachelor study, from the needs of the sector in the geographical area of Turkey.

After the evaluation of the situation in the professional animation sector, as well as other animation programmes in Europe with a focus on Turkey, a new bachelor curriculum and samples of programme materials will be developed.

These are the main innovative aspects of the project:

  • Designing training and educational tools, all based on non-formal learning, while aiming to have an inclusive outcome for all the students and educators.
  • Analysis on labour market needs and expectation from animation education, to improve graduates’ employability in the long term.
  • A specific curriculum and new course material on animation for closing the needs on labour market is really needed and would be very innovative for the partners.

Each one of educational and training tools developed in the project will be for free in formats of easy using and digital dissemination.

CDICAE logoPartners from the project are Erciyes Üniversitesi de Kayseri, Universa V Novi Gorici, de Slovenia, UC de Limburg, Holanda, and WUSMED  – World University Service of the Mediterranean, directed by Denisa Gibovic -.