Nir-vana In-house Trainings

Nir-vana In-house Trainings

Denisa Gibovic has carried out more than 10 Nir-vana trainings, which were given to innovation advisors from the network in Leipzig, Málaga, Sevilla, Mersin, Barcelona, París, Madrid, Girona, Roma…

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The in-house Nir-vana training were organized around real cases and on-site live demostrations.  During the training, innovation advisors were familiarized with these topics:
– Introduction to NIR-VANA
– How advisors can support clients to create partnership profiles or challenges: NIR-VANA profile (fast track), EasyPP, Connect to existing POD profiles
– How advisors can follow EOIs: NIR-VANA EOI, Merlin EOI
– How advisors can follow client-partner collaborations
– How advisors can find and engage with leads
– How innovators can find and engage with advisors
– How advisors can find & collaborate with EEN colleagues
– How advisors can follow up and report activity: reminders, clients, profiles, agreements, partnering and advisory support, ASOs
– Use of third party tools to find: experts, patents, patent attorneys, market info, competitors, funding, tendersIn this Nir-vana training session participants will discover all functionalities with real cases.

Nir-vana acts as the door to the external innovation ecosystem and can make connections between major players in the innovation ecosystem; bring an understanding of both industry-specific and cross-industry trends into the discussion; and follow a methodology to guide an enterprise through the process to build, test and scale a series of solutions that transform the business.