Technology, innovation and recycling

Technology, innovation and recycling

Technology towards a more sustainable world

The sustainability of the planet needs a paradigm shift, leaving behind the ‘use and throw away’ model, towards a more rational concept aimed at ‘reducing, reusing and recycling’: the circular economy.

This approach arises from the sum of:

– respect for the environment,
– the transformation of waste into resources,
– with innovation as the basis to achieve it.

Blue Room Innovation continues co-creating innovation projects that aim to connect:
1. innovation,
2. technology and
3. recycling.
Open innovation projects towards the circular economy.

BlueRoomInnvoation RECICLOS


With innovative projects such as RECICLOS, we can improve the way we manage our waste and form another key piece to reach a 100% sustainable culture.

After our 1st experience with RECICLOS in Pla de L’estany area (Catalonia) we started a new innovation adventure: Recycling 5.0
The first Recycling 5.0 pilot is already being tested in Catalonia. It was presented last April co-created next to Ecoembes and TheCircularLab in collaboration with the Generalitat de Catalunya. This is the RECICLOS pilot. This technological initiative encourages the recycling of cans and bottles (yellow container). RECICLOS is the 1st international experience that tests the management of waste and recycling of the future.

Recycling 5.0 investigates new technological alternatives to encourage citizens. How can technology help to recycle more and better? Are incentives necessary? Or only useful? The ultimate goal is to make recycling a digital habit. The equation is, a priori, simple: if recycling is more rewarding, it will be more frequent.
The global urban population is expected to increase by 63% between 2014 and 2050, compared to 32% of the global population increasing, and this increase poses significant challenges on the sustainability of waste management and recycling.

RECICLOS is being tested in the municipalities of Igualada, Granollers, Sant Boi de Llobregat and the Pla de l´Estany region; in two Catalan universities and in a hospital. Citizens can connect with the mobile when they recycle at the containers equipped with QR codes (in the municipalities) and smart bins for universities and the hospital.

Through a Web App, every time a citizen takes a photo of their cans and bottles before recycling in the yellow container, they will receive recognition thanks to their commitment (they will receive RECICLOS).

The citizen must register in a web app that will collect every recycling action they take.
The citizen must photograph each empty can or bottle of drink, making the bar code visible, and will go to the container to deposit it. Each container will have a QR code that the citizen must scan with his smartphone when throwing the bag to the container.
Through the scanning of the QR code, the containers will know that the citizen has recycled.
That’s why RECICLOS recognizes families who follow a correct recycling process with a “RECICLO” (the virtual currency of RECICLOS). Every time participants throw their plastic bottles or cans into the yellow container and register it with RECICLOS, the user wins and everybody wins!

For each time the citizen recycles a can or bottle of drink in the yellow container, he/she will get points called RECICLOS, which he/she can later exchange for a sustainable incentive. How can we redeem the RECICLOS? For example, RECICLOS can be assigned to a local project, or users can participate in a raffle of organic cosmetics or others. These products always will have a positive impact on the environment or society.

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