Innovation for the tough times: RECICLOS cares of you

Innovation for the tough times: RECICLOS cares of you

Innovation for the tough times: RECICLOS cares of you

The world is changing and RECICLOS, our flagship innovation project, is reacting promptly to adapt to the current needs of its users and continue making a positive impact on our recycling habits, which are so crucial for the environment. We believe, when times are tough, we need different results, which requires more innovation.


RECICLOS is a web-app that connects citizens with the yellow recycling bins. It stimulates people to recycle better through innovation and can be used with any smartphone. The users receive incentives when they recycle bottles and cans, which they must photograph and scan the QR codes that are installed in each communal plastic recycling bin, when depositing them. This last step allows us to track the bins and to extract data about recycling habits. 


The confinement and all the additional rules regarding the mobility of people caused by COVID-19 have a strong impact on our habits and the actual possibility to continue with many of the regular routines in our lives. In order to assure that we all can continue using RECICLOS with the minimum risk for our health and contribute through recycling, we have transformed some of its dynamics.


During the confinement period RECICLOS adopts the following modifications:

  • RECICLOS SAFE AT HOME. Our users will be able to scan the QR at home, in order to shorten the time spent next to a container when depositing the bottles and cans in the recycling bins.

  • RECICLOS volunteers. Our team will manage the offer and demand matching between people who offer their help to those, who need it, to deposit their garbage in the recycling bins.

  • RECICLOS donation. Our users will be given the opportunity to donate their RECICLOS to solidary projects related with COVID-19 connected with current shortage of medical material for coronavirus prevention. Thanks to RECICLOS, users can contribute to the cause just by recycling!

By implementing these changes, we hope to help those who need it most while continuing taking care of our planet recycling.

The RECICLOS team will continue working hard and providing winning solutions to all our users and partners! #joemquedoacasa #arecicloscuidemdetots.