New Project: FRIENDESK!

New Project: FRIENDESK!

New Project: FRIENDESK!

Based on our experience in technological development of platforms and innovative technological approaches, Blue Room will be the leader in the web platform & design (IO4) of our new project: FRIENDESK!

The general objective of Friendesk is reducing social exclusion of children coming from marginalised contexts through the implementation of an innovative ECEC (early childhood education and care) model.

By pursuing these objectives, the project is expected to achieve the following results:

  • To increase awareness, motivation and competence of teachers and childcare professionals with a theoretical and practical approach in the field of inclusive education.
  • To actively engage families and local communities in supporting inclusive educational approaches and promoting common values.
  • To experiment in different EU contexts innovative tools (“Family Help-Desks”) aimed at bringing together families and stakeholders dealing with childcare and early education.
  • To shine a light on the main reasons, aspects and consequences of children social exclusion and education gaps.
  • To help public administrations to figure out which services are actually valuable for bridging the gap on the problem of children social exclusion, and which ones need to be renovated or improved.
  • To create a network of political institutions aimed at brainstorming on the topic of children social inclusion and education needs at local level and European level.

FRIENDESK aims at creating and testing an integrated system where policy-makers, teachers, educators, health-care workers and volunteers could work together for providing children households with an inclusive and all-encompassing service.



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