The most solidary face about RECICLOS

The most solidary face about RECICLOS

The most solidary face about RECICLOS

The health alert caused by COVID-19 will not only be remembered for its devastating effects on health, it will also mark a before and after in some other areas, among which social life will be one of the most affected. We have no doubt that during this period, we are developing and bringing out our most solidary face. No one is invincible and when it comes to health, we can get the best of ourselves. We have noticed this effect in all the cities in which RECICLOS, our flagship innovation project, is implemented.

Since the beginning of the project, RECICLOS users preferred to exchange their merits, obtained by recycling bottles and cans of drinks, for individual incentives: a recycling bin, a fruit basket, an electric scooter… During this period, despite the existence of these individual incentives, users have decided to donate their RECICLOS to solidarity projects.

When the crisis exploded, we clearly saw that all the benefits that citizens obtained from recycling had to go to projects that would contribute the fight against covid-19. That’s why we purposed the 4 RECICLOS pilots to create a crow project to make real solidarity  initiatives in their cities.

  • In Sant Boi and Granollers, citizens have been aimed to accumulate RECICLOS to make  monetary donations for Col·legi de Metges de Barcelona. They were and still being one of the entities who are achieving the biggest mobilization. Essential and costly projects since the beginning of the pandemic, such as the manufacture of respirators for companies which were not originally manufacturers or the design and manufacture of 3D pieces, have been brought to reality thanks to the donations of many people and companies to this entity.

  • Referring to Igualada, monetary donations have gone to a local entity which has been managing social and health aid for the city. Pla de l’Estany region has also donated the quantity obtained to the Associació de Micropobles of Catalunya.

In addition, during this period, other collective and eco-sustainable projects have also seen their activity increased. Granollers citizens have reached their objective of building a playground manufactured from recycled plastics, and donations to Mdicos sin Fronteras have also seen an increase in the contributions of RECICLOS users.

These wonderful facts come to confirm that together, we can achieve much more, and the collective ego has come to stay. We will also continue offering and giving our best towards making RECICLOS a more social and sustainable experience.