Digital Transformation

It’s about freedom to explore and experiment!

The consulting world is undergoing a shift like many of their clients.
Consultants are adding digital service offerings to their portfolios and adopting digital tools to enhance their capabilities. However, the digital revolution in isn’t just about powerful technology.


> We follow the technological and market trends and bring them closer to the SMEs from Europe, which do need virtualized services as well, but always in a combination with personal assistance. We offer them the right tools and services to manage their ecosystems of innovation and the innovation processes itself. And of course we look for ways how to finance their ventures!
At Blueroom we understand the complexity of the challenge for all kinds of business when innovating. So, we apply our open innovation approach and connect you with experts from different areas. Our approach is collaborative and relationship-based. We use technological tools like NIR-VANA and always combine on- and offline services.

We are partnering with R&D centers like Centre Easy, FSU Jena, Fraunhofer, LaSalle Innova… This allows us to gain best practice perspectives on the state of digital transformation around the world.

Are you looking to finance your innovation activities?

European cooperation comprises the primary arena for international cooperation services offered by Blue Room.

The European funding is attractive and helps companies and all the other relevant actors active in the innovation ecosystem to finance ambitious projects.


Public funding is risk free capital. The funding ensures swift implementation of your projects, enabling fast market introduction. In addition, public funding is a quality stamp, which helps attract further investments.
We come up with enhanced ideas looking outside the box for concepts and partners to strengthen the company’s position and its project and to increase its eligibility for being funded by public bodies.

We look for different funding mechanisms at the Spanish national and at the European level (H2020, EIC SME Instrument, EIC Fast Track to Innovation, Eurostars, Eureka, etc.). We, as innovation advisors, help to achieve the new and radically different businesses and overcome the old ones.


> Blueroom provides services related to administrative, technical and financial management of funded European projects as for instance:

  • Financial management and reporting
  • Logistics, facilitation and minutes of transnational meeting
  • Exploitation plan & Dissemination
  • Risks management
  • Collaborative tools
  • Day to day management (online meeting, planning, etc).

Entrepreneurial Projects

We help your innovative company to create business plans and strategies to disrupts markets and attract investors on the European level. We are experts in EIC Accelerator programme and similar instruments which target the European SMEs with the objective to make their innovative projects more competitive and scalable.

Our team consists of highly specialized experts with strong technological and business background.

It is crucial to have the right advisors and seek more in-depth knowledge of the international research, innovation and industry landscape.
This will enable the companies to better determine which instruments will be appropriate for them in need of support for participation in international cooperation.