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Are you looking for a European project manager?

At Blue Room Innovation, we can help you with international cooperation. The European funding is attractive and helps companies and all the other relevant actors active in the innovation ecosystem to finance ambitious projects.

If you want to create a project, develop an ambitious idea and improve your business you are in the right place.

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– Reciclos is our last open innovation project related to recycling –

+10 years
Defining project challenges, the suitable technology and the proper funding to develop projects

3 CORE TOPICS |Blue Room Innovation is a unique innovation ecosystem which brings together established companies to help other ones to do more business, update technology, or get funding. We go on- and offline to do so and cover three main areas to achieve it:

Blue Room Innovation
– Events & Workshops –

In our Blue world, we organize events connecting people and ideas which lead to completely new projects.
We love to create opportunities for passionate companies.
At Blue Room Innovation, we also organize business meetings in the best areas of la Costa Brava. Instead of grey buildings in cities, we prefer blue views and green mountains in very special places.
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Blue Room Innovation, clients & colleagues

“At WUS MED we needed to find new/solid innovation partners, and found working with the multidisciplinary Blue Room Innovation teaminteresting and worthy. At the moment, the outcome at this stage looks promising. Our idea is to deepen our cooperation with them”

J. Juandó / President at WUS MED

“I would recommend Blue Room Innovation to any organisation. It’s like being given a safe pair of digital hands to foster innovative tech solutions. A committed team that can dramatically improve your business and catalyse change. Certainly an intelligent bet!”

Heily Ferrer / Co-founder & Co-CEO at Gainn

“I quickly connected with the team of Blue Room Innovation and their philosophy. Once transferred to Girona I shared workspace with the team and saw its potential.”

Valentí Acconcia / Consultant

“I would recommend Blue Room Innovation for their capacity to promote the digital transformation of traditional business models with the integration of complex technologies that result in simple solutions and business value.”

Javier Carrero / Premium Research