Open Innovation workshop in Brussels

Open Innovation Workshop

INVITE will bring up discussions about Open Innovation in a truly international environment with open innovation experts

Open Innovation Workshop
INVITE | Brussels co-creation Workshop

Next February 15th, you will find me in Brussels participating at the INVITE Co-creation Workshop, which will gather open innovation experts as well as potential users and stakeholders of the Open Innovation Lab.

Open Innovation Workshop


Open Innovation Workshop

The main aim of this Workshop in Brussels is to involve the experts invited to this event to co-design, pilot and demonstrate different mechanisms and services to connect innovation systems across EU and boost European businesses with the required skills to take advantage of Europe’s knowledge-base and convert it into value. This European innovation event also intends to bring the participation of private investors and collaborative innovation projects. All of this, with the final goal of co-creating a well-connected European Open Innovation (OI) ecosystem, in which knowledge importantly goes through borders and is finally converted into marketable innovations, contributing enlarged socio-economic benefits to EU citizens.
Attendees of the Brussels workshop will be introduced to the main concepts of the co-creation process and ultimately, will elaborate guidelines on how pilots, services and tools should best be customized to the potential users and stakeholders. Moreover, participants are expected to bring their expertise, experiences and creative thinking to the discussions and activities that will take place during the workshop.

How to organize an open innovation workshop?
We can give some tips to you. Contact us!

Are you aware of what “Open Innovation 2.0” is?

The Open Innovation 2.0 paradigm is related with the main principles of Open Innovation but goes a step further than it. It not only pretends to create bilateral transactions and collaboration schemes. The framework of Open Innovation 2.0 gathers stakeholders from the industry, academia and government as well as common citizens so as to cooperate exchange knowledge and bring structural changes significantly different than when working in centralized innovation models.

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