Are you looking for a European project manager to help you with international cooperation?

Blue-Room-Innovation. Are you looking for a European project manager

>>> The European funding is attractive and helps companies and all the other relevant actors active in the innovation ecosystem to finance ambitious projects.

Participation in international collaborative projects (H2020, EIC SME, Eurostars, etc.) is time-consuming and costly.

Reducing risks for companies that participate at the international level! This is the key point of a great consultant or European project manager.

What are the most important skills for a project manager?

It is crucial to have the right advisors and seek more in-depth knowledge of international research, innovation and industry landscape. This will enable the companies to better determine which instruments will be appropriate for them in need of support for participation in international cooperation.


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Talking about the Blue Room Innovation concept…
Blue Room Innovation is a unique innovation ecosystem which brings together established companies to help other ones to do more business, update technology, or get funding.

>>> European cooperation comprises the primary arena for international cooperation services offered by Blue Room.

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