ABLE project

Empowering rural women

A Better Life works with rural women with the goal of increasing socioeconomic inclusion and personal development.

The Project project

The objective of the project is to increase the degree of socioeconomic inclusion and personal development (empowerment) of women in rural areas of the project's partner countries.


The beneficiaries of the project are mostly women.


  • Development of knowledge, skills and working procedures within rural women's organizations in the countries of the project partners through the co-creation of an innovative working method "ABLE" (Training and MOCC - 14 Modules with self-assessment). 
  • Develop the skills of 20 coordinators of women's organizations to work through the ABLE Method with 200 women in rural organizations in the project's partner countries to develop their personal growth through participation in a training session (4 days).
  •  Personal development of 200 beneficiaries (women from rural areas) through the implementation of "ABLE" working methods in rural women's organizations in the project's partner countries, and the creation of individual life stories that will form the basis of the three books "My story" and the collection of electronic testimonies.
  •  Raise awareness of the importance of personal growth and the empowerment of women in rural areas of our partner countries through a European Diffusion.


Increase grade level awareness of the importance of adult education, of the intersectoral approach in identifying innovative methods for sustainable change in our communities. 

European partners

  • Fundatia the open network for community development
  • EuroProject Lab
  • Romanian Women's Lobby 
  • Associaçao para Açao Educativa Cultural e Deportiva Form2you
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Blue Room Innovation & Sustainable Development

At Blue Room Innovation we provide technological solutions for sustainable development. The ABLE project pursues quality education and is located in SDG 4. Erasmus + projects are also part of SDG 17, since they promote collaboration between countries to achieve the objectives.

SDG 4 quality education projects