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We are technologists backed by research laboratories. Co-work with our in-house project and software developers, specialized in artificial intelligence, and our IT services in Europe. Impress your customers, competitors, and your team: adopt a tailor-made innovation by means of smart digital technologies to deliver breakthrough services and ensure your step ahead competitors.
Digital innovation and technology consulting is a clear growth driver. All kind of businesses and any sector have the possibilities to make the right use of smart digital technologies to improve the management of its stakeholders, open new markets, speed up processes, cut costs, or simply grow.

IT services can digitize your services portfolio
In this challenging economic context, we help you identify promising growth paths in your present and new markets.
IT services can digitize your customer relationship and management
The customer relationship is built as OmniChannel with the necessary levels of automation using smart digital technologies.We help you define and then build seamless customer relationship and management across all your traditional and digital channels.
IT services can develop new business activities
Digitization enables you to capitalize your assets and diversify your portfolio to address the new digital challenges faced by all stakeholders.
IT services can consolidate your business position
Digital is changing the roles of market players and the rules of the game.Strengthen your market position and boost your profitability by investing in smart digital technologies. Seize growth opportunities (acquisitions, mergers) induced by the acceleration of digital transformation.

Discover what kind of challenges we solve for enterprises!


We are a multi-disciplined team composed of experts in smart (artificial intelligence based) digital technologies well suited for the most promising businesses. The most of our technologies are Artificial Intelligence, and the rest are technologies for digital preservation and virtual currencies:
  • Smart contracts (Solidity – Ethereum)
  • Blockchain and Ripple
  • Recommender systems
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Bots – Dialogue Systems and scrappers
  • Multi Agent Paradigms
  • Electronic Auctions and Negotiation Systems
  • Customer and Business Intelligence
  • Gamification for rewarding systems and Engagement Mechanisms in marketing
  • Virtual Currencies
  • Digital Obsolescence Prevention (Digital Preservation Software)
  • Meta-data enrichment (Digital Content Contextualization)
  • Format Validation (Conformance Check)
  • Open Innovation: our special project
    open innovation nir-vana
  • Smart Cities
  • Tourism
  • Crowdfunding
  • Open innovation
  • Corporate social networks
  • Complementary currencies
  • Loyalty Marketing & Churn Prediction
  • Omnichannel Marketing
  • Social Networks / Communities / Social Media
  • Preservation of Digital Files (for end-users, SMEs & Institutions)
  • Preservation of Digital Assets
  • Discover what kind of challenges we solve for enterprises!

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