Blockchain technology

an opportunity for sustainable development

Blockchain development. Development and consulting of innovative projects with blockchain technology.

We offer a complete portfolio of blockchain services to rapidly integrate the technology with your existing business process and accelerate your digital innovation journey.

Blockchain in a Box

In order to normalize Blockchain as an enterprise technology and provide tangible and intuitive blockchain demonstrations and experimentations, we launched our offer: "Blockchain in a Box".


For companies that have not used blockchain technology 

Determine if blockchain makes sense

for your company!


For companies who want to use blockchain technology in their circular model

Determine if blockchain makes sense

for your circular model!


For municipalities that want to use blockchain technology in their circular model

 Determine if blockchain makes improve the

circular model of your city!

Blockchain development

The only way to keep up the impressive path of innovation in the Blockchain space is to be a creator and lead the innovation. That is why we chose to be DLT creators, to work in a sincerely open way with the DLT ecosystem, and to contribute with apps, aggregators, oracles, systems and protocols to gain skills and speed up the development of new blockchain solutions:

Smart Contracts development 

Smart contracts are virtual agreements encoded as computer protocols. They cannot be changed by any party, including the two agreement holders. Our expert team focuses on developing smart contract-based solutions to existing industry problems using Ethereum, Hyperledger and Alastria based smart contracts.

dApps Development

DApps or decentralized applications, are open-source applications that are used to interact with smart contracts (ex. tokens) that run on a peer-to-peer network of servers. We develop these applications on the following blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Alastria...


Tokenization is the process of converting sensitive data into non-sensitive data called "tokens." These can be in a database or in an internal system without incorporating them into scope. Unlike encrypted data, tokenized data is indecipherable and irreversible.

We are Blockchain accelerators

Companies with us think of the box and develop profitful blockchain solutions, and what is more, they create opportunities.

What is the difference of consulting and accelerator?

We create business from the deep fundamentals of the Distributed Ledger (vulgo. Blockchain) Technologies, and this business is shipped and transferred to the companies. After the ideation, a proof of concept follows, checked with TRL 5-6, ready to fast transfer to the company to scale up to a full business (example: Ecoembes/Reciclos, etc?).

Blockchain para el desarrollo sostenible - ODS

We like and we specialize in sustainable projects for which we offer blockchain technology.

If you want us to work together on your idea of ​​a sustainable project, we will go with you from the begining to the end and we will also help you to generate your ecosystem of partners and funding to carry out your idea successfully.

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