Blue Room Innovation will work withTuristec Cluster by offering consultancy and innovation financing services.

Last week took place the collaboration agreement between Blue Room Innovation and the International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Tourism (TURISTEC). Through this agreement, managed with an open call, Blue Room will offer technical assistance and advice services to identify, request and manage funding sources at regional, national and European level. These tasks will be carried out both for the execution of TURISTEC projects and for projects in a consortium of interest to TURISTEC.

The Blue Room Innovation consulting team, made up of Denisa Gibovic, Victor Torres, Estel Guillaumes and Marc Melús, accumulates years of experience in the field of innovation management and financing. In addition to this, they have numerous success stories in the presentation of proposals with a positive resolution in different sectors. For example, the proposals and presentations related to the waste, logistics, industry, tourism and education sectors stand out.

Thanks to this new collaborative framework, it is expected to help large companies in the tourism sector in achieving their challenges and innovation projects and contribute to a more sustainable tourism. In this way, Blue Room Innovation remains firm with its commitment to the environment and sustainability, offering its services to achieve a better world.


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