Blue Room Innovation joins Turistec Cluster as a partner

On September 23, Blue Room Innovation became part of the International Cluster of Information and Communication applied to Tourism (Turistec).

This alliance represents a great opportunity to work hand in hand with all the Members of Turistec to contribute to the socio-economic development linked to the tourist activity Improving the competitiveness of ICT-Tourism companies.

All of this through the application of digitization and innovation initiatives that allow the growth of the sector and that identify new business and market models, as well as financing lines that may be of interest to all cluster members.

We will continue to work and add value to the sector, always keeping in mind sustainability and with the most cutting-edge technologies, as we have done so far with projects such as Welcome Palma or future projects such as PortNet.

It is a pleasure to be part of this great team!

Find us!

Cristòfol Grober 4, local 35

17001 - Girona!

Gran Via Carles III, 98 planta 10

08028 - Barcelona!

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