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Talking about the Blue Room Innovation concept…

Blue Room Innovation is a unique innovation ecosystem which brings together established companies to help other ones to do more business, update technology, or get funding. 

Blue Room Innovation

– Innovation Project Examples –

Blue-Room-Innovation-MEDISAt Blue Room Innovation we develop Training platforms & MOOCS like MEDIS. Learn more about this innovative project in the education field.


Blue-Room-Innovation-Research-IdentityBlue Room Innovation is always next to innovators and researchers. This is a great example of an Innovation Platform for Researchers.


Blue-Room-Innovation-Palma-de-MallorcaBlue Room Innovation and its blue projects! This platform is an example of Tourism Digital Transformation happening in Palma de Mallorca.


Blue-Room-Innovation-Nir-vanaBlue Room Innovation and its own Nir-vana Open Innovation Platform! This is one of our top projects for innovation advisors and innovators.



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