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Talking about the Blue Room Innovation concept…

Blue Room Innovation is a unique innovation ecosystem which brings together established companies to help other ones to do more business, update technology, or get funding. 

Blue Room Innovation

– Innovation Project Examples –

Blue Room Innovation is always next to innovators and researchers. This is a great example of an Innovation Platform for Researchers.


Blue Room Innovation and its blue projects! This platform is an example of Tourism Digital Transformation happening in Palma de Mallorca.

NEW!!! Blue Room Innovation and its green projects! This is a 2nd and renewed RECICLOS: combining innovation, technology and recycling.


At Blue Room Innovation we develop Training platforms & MOOCS like MEDIS. Learn more about this innovative project in the education field.


Blue Room Innovation and its own Nir-vana Open Innovation Platform! This is one of our top projects for innovation advisors and innovators.


Reciclos is our last open innovation project related to recycling. This is the 1st international experience that tests waste management and the recycling of the future.


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