Technology, innovation and recycling

Technology towards a more sustainable world The sustainability of the planet needs a paradigm shift, leaving behind the ‘use and throw away’ model, towards a more rational concept aimed at ‘reducing, reusing and recycling’: the circular economy. This approach arises from the sum of: – respect for the environment, – the transformation of waste into […]



World Open Innovation Conference 2016

Contact Blue Room Innovation World Open Innovation Conference 2016 Blue Room Innovation collaborates in a recent publication at #WOIC2016: “On Intellectual Property in Online Open Innovation for SME by means of Blockchain and Smart Contracts” ResearchGate View the full poster on the following link! About the Annual World Open Innovation Conference The 3rd Annual World Open Innovation […]


open innovation

Open innovation and open innovation platforms. Download the report!

This original notion of Open Innovation was largely based on transferring knowledge, expertise and even resources from one company or research institution to another. This assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas. And internal and external paths to market, as they seek to improve their performance. The concept […]



“Fidelizar al cliente es la prioridad del sector turístico”

Imagen de archivo TechnovationPalma N. Zapatero (Turiskopio), J.L de la Rosa (Centre Easy), J.A. Terrassa (Turistec) (de izquierda a derecha) 1. ¿Qué importancia tiene la innovación para el sector del turismo? La innovación es más que importante para el sector del turismo. Debido a los avances tecnológicos y, sobre todo, a la aplicación que han […]



Big Data y Business Intelligence: nuevas oportunidades para tu negocio

Por un lado, a través del Business Intelligence accedemos a información focalizada, ya estructurada y relevante para la toma de decisiones. Por otro, con un sistema Big Data conseguimos reforzar la función de nuestro sistema BI (de Business Intelligence) al conseguir un análisis de una cantidad mayor de datos no estructurados. El Big Data representa […]



Workshop on Creativity, Art & ICT

Last week, several stakeholders related to Creative Arts visited us at Blue Room Innovation. This workshop is part of a series of sessions on several different topics we intend to develop at Blue Room Innovation during 2016. In this case, Sònar +D, New Media University and SMEs stakeholders Minimilks and Tururut Art Infogràfic participated in […]