Reciclos by Blue Room Innovation

Reciclos, la innovació que motiva

PILOT DE RECICLATGE D’ENVASOS RECICLOS conclou amb un total de 4.434 brosses escanejades de 1.042 nuclis familiars del Pla de l’Estany La campanya de reciclatge RECICLOS és un projecte pilot que estudia els principals motius que motiven a reciclar més i millor a la societat. Un total de 4.434 brosses han estat escanejades, és a dir, reciclades […]



Reciclos is our last open innovation project related to recycling

How do you recycle? RECYCLING FOR A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE VIRTUAL CURRENCIES We want all the packaging we use every day to have a new life and do not end up degrading the environment. That’s why Reciclos recognizes families who follow a correct recycling process with a “Reciclo” (the virtual currency of RECICLOS). Every time participants throw […]




The importance of having a team of experts It is crucial to have the right advisors and seek more in-depth knowledge of international research, innovation and industry landscape. This will enable the companies to better determine which instruments will be appropriate for them in need of support for participation in international cooperation. GRANT WRITERS & […]


Blue-Room-Innovation. Are you looking for a European project manager

Are you looking for a European project manager to help you with international cooperation?

>>> The European funding is attractive and helps companies and all the other relevant actors active in the innovation ecosystem to finance ambitious projects. Participation in international collaborative projects (H2020, EIC SME, Eurostars, etc.) is time-consuming and costly. Reducing risks for companies that participate at the international level! This is the key point of a great […]



NIR-VANA surfing towards the exploitation pilots!

NIR-VANA is ready for surfing … People adore surf! It is about freedom, about playing with nature, about fun, about facing unpredictable challenges and being tanned and sharp. Surf looks cool and easy to do when you sit on the beach and observe the advanced ones. They literally glide over and through beautiful blue giants […]



Nir-vana In-house Trainings

Denisa Gibovic has carried out more than 10 Nir-vana trainings, which were given to innovation advisors from the network in Leipzig, Málaga, Sevilla, Mersin, Barcelona, París, Madrid, Girona, Roma…       The in-house Nir-vana training were organized around real cases and on-site live demostrations.  During the training, innovation advisors were familiarized with these topics: – Introduction to NIR-VANA – How […]


Ports de palma

Welcome Palma – turismo e innovación

Mallorca es el epicentro del nuevo proyecto en el cual trabaja el equipo de Blue Room Innovation. Un proyecto que une turismo e innovación para ofrecer al visitante una nueva experiencia turística más satisfactoria. ¿Interesante, no? Sigue con la lectura para conocer más sobre Welcome Palma.   El objetivo de Welcome Palma es la diversificación […]



CDICAE – The lastest education project

We start with a new collaboration in an international education project! We celebrate a consortium meeting for the Project CDICAE – Collaboration to Design an Innovative Curriculum for Animation Education [8th – 10th May, Slovenia]. The main goal of the project is to build curriculum on a new animation bachelor study, from the needs of […]


La Salle

MUDP in la Salle, training future project managers

Next weeks, the students of the Master in Project Management (MUDP) of La Salle are receiving training in International Projects, these sessions are coordinated and given by Denisa Gibovic, among other professionals. Description of Master There is a growing demand for project managers who can manage international projects and who can operate in a variety […]



NEW Project! MEDIS – Mediterranean Inclusive Schools

MEDIS – Mediterranean Inclusive Schools – is a project coordinated by Denisa Gibovic (as a director executive of WUSMED) which challenge is improving the capacities of the schools for an effective integration of pupils from migrant families. Keep reading about this interesting project! Nowadays, the EU education systems are facing an important challenge, a challenge […]

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