CircularPort gets support from the Puertos 4.0 program, we continue to advance in improving the management of port waste.

Currently, one of the most significant circular challenges is the management of marine waste. The urgency of this problem has been growing over the past years due to its negative impact on the environment. Despite regulations attempting to control marine pollution, waste delivery in ports remains inadequate, and therefore compliance with regulations is not complete.

The Current Status of CircularPort

In order to find a solution to this lack of marine waste management, the Circular Port platform has been designed. Through the use of blockchain technology, the platform ensures traceability and transparency of information throughout the chain of port waste, from the ship's captain to port authorities and final treatment plants. 

CircularPort not only improves process efficiency (reducing administrative burden) but also promotes circularity by valorizing waste throughout its life cycle and promotes sustainability and transparency in the management of port waste. Additionally, over the past few months, Circular Port (in the programs of two accelerators, Digicirc and Galatea) has been able to carry out pilot tests with the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands and its MARPOL concessionaire, as well as with the treatment plant ADALMO. This has helped validate the platform's technology, and further tests have been planned to further refine the solution. 

CircularPort within the Puertos 4.0 program

It is worth noting that CircularPort has obtained a grant from the Ports 4.0 program. Thanks to this, an exciting opportunity has arisen to continue transforming waste management in ports through the implementation of blockchain technologies and tokenization.

The program Puertos 4.0 seeks innovative market-oriented solutions that bring benefits to the port logistics community at any point in its value chain. It is a unique program that includes grants, a specialized team, and the necessary infrastructure to accelerate ideas and projects. Thanks to this support (among others), the CircularPort platform can continue to advance.

The Future of the Platform

To achieve the objectives of CircularPort within Puertos4.0, circular actions will be taken. These include the integration of the blockchain platform with existing systems, comprehensive tracking of waste from its origin to its final treatment, and the creation of a decentralized secondary market to encourage waste reuse. 

On the other hand, collaboration with important entities such as the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands, our strategic partner Navozyme, the ADALMO treatment plant, or the organization Ecoembes, with whom we have a strong strategic alliance, is foreseen. These partnerships significantly strengthen the development and successful implementation of the platform. Likewise, the integration of the CircularTrust ecosystem will be crucial to facilitate the adaptation of CircularPort in other waste management environments.

At Blue Room Innovation, we work to facilitate the transition to a circular economy, especially in the port sector, where the Circular Port project has proven to be a valuable tool since its inception. We look forward to advancing this wonderful project together with all the entities and the alliance we are creating.

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