CircularPort, traceability and incentives for the good management of port waste

CircularPort, the project developed by Blue Room Innovation, has already been piloted in the Port of Palma and has obtained the support of the European Blue Economy accelerators Digicirc and Galatea and the spanish program AEIDuring 2023 and part of 2022, the project has also received support from ACCIÓ through the Disruptive Initiatives program. In this case, the pilot has been carried out in collaboration with the Port of Barcelona.

CircularPort was born more than a year ago under the name Portnet. During the last months, we have worked with the concept and pilot tests and after validating the idea and evolving it, we have been able to increase the value of the product up to the TRL5. Now, all the Port Authorities that wish to collaborate by contributing a new circular economy use case in their port can join it.

Still don't know CircularPort?

It is a digital space in which to connect all the actors in the port waste management chain. The objective of this platform is to encourage the unloading of waste carried by ships in ports, in order to reduce illegal unloading at sea. To do so, it provides itself with an innovative technological development based on blockchain technology.

Thanks to the blockchain, it is possible to trace the waste beyond the port and also contribute to the European Green Ports strategy, managing to involve the entire port environment in the circular economy. Ships, port police, MARPOL authorities, and treatment and recycling plants connect with CircularPort and share information on the status and amounts of waste being shipped, through a digital product passport created on this technology. The constant trace of the increase in value that the waste experiences as it is treated and increases in purity, later allows the benefits of its sale as new recycled material to be distributed to all the actors who have contributed to achieving it.

Join and certify the traceability of port waste beyond the port!

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