Recycling keys and Wasteinprogress congress.

This week took place Wasteinprogress congress at the Fira de Girona. This edition has been especially focused on the recycling of the organic fraction and has stood out for presentations that have highlighted the relevance of the door-to-door model and smart containers to improve the recycling indicators of municipalities in general.

Keys for recycling presented by municipalities and regions.

The day had great international and national presentations and we could highlight some of the learning exposed by the speakers:

  1. In large cities it is possible to implement recycling models other than the traditional container. Not the whole city is obliged to have the same model, the models that adapt to the population density of each neighborhood are proposed as the best option.
  2. The recycling of organic matter is increased with the incorporation of the door-to-door model or with smart containers (closed containers for which it is necessary to identify yourself to open it).
  3. Smart containers are a great option and another option to choose different from the door-to-door or the traditional container. At a technological level, there are many alternatives that municipalities can choose from. Some choose to close a single fraction, others more than one... 
  4. It is vitally important to communicate positively, with real cases, letting the citizen participate in small decisions. For example, where is it best to put a smart container?
  5. Pay per generation is a good way to reward the user who does it correctly and technology is a great help to make it possible. 


We tested RECICLOS smart container.

The Ecoembes innovation team has worked on the development of an innovative solution to reward the recycling of beverage cans and plastic bottles in the same container.

With the incorporation of an intelligent ring in the mouth of the traditional container, it is possible to transform it into an intelligent container, which reads the barcode of the containers that are launched and awards points RECICLOS for each can or plastic bottle of beverage that is inserted into it. This novelty, which is already being tested in the municipality of Sant Boi, is a great commitment to quickly digitize current containers and reward citizens instantly.

Blue Room Innovation has collaborated in the development of the software for this innovative solution, integrating it 100% with the RECICLOS app.

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