Javier Carrero

“We have generated more projects, extended our network of contacts and also learnt new areas of knowledge and market niches which are both interesting and promising.”

Javier Carrero / Technical Director at EURADIA

Xavier Lesauvage

“With Blue Room Innovation, we agreed upon specific objectives, and I just let myself be guided by them. Everything worked well. They are a very reliable partner.”

Xavier Lesauvage / Connociam founding partner

Josep Juandó Bosch

“At WUS MED we needed to find new/solid innovation partners, and found working with the multidisciplinary Blue Room Innovation teaminteresting and worthy. At the moment, the outcome at this stage looks promising. Our idea is to deepen our cooperation with them”

Josep Juandó Bosch / President at WUS MED

Ricardo Mollet

“Our IT department was saturated by dealing with the day to day running of the organisation and we were able to turn to Blue Room Innovation to provide all the resources necessary for the development of these projects; senior project managers, programmers and experts in artificial intelligence.”

Ricardo Mollet / Director at PSM

Heily Ferrer

“I would recommend Blue Room Innovation to any organisation. It’s like being given a safe pair of digital hands to foster innovative tech solutions. A committed team that can dramatically improve your business and catalyse change. Certainly an intelligent bet!”

Heily Ferrer / Co-founder & Co-CEO at Gainn

Alba Comallonga

“The results of working with Blue Room innovation have been positive and have an early version of the solution on the market within the agreed deadlines.”

Alba Comallonga / Project manager at SCM

Valentí Acconcia

“Blue Room Innovation team is very competent and committed to the projects carried out. I have grown professionally and I have also initiated a road with a center that can become a leading example of innovative crowdfunding as validation of new business ideas implementation.”

Valentí Acconcia / Crowdfunding consultant




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