CoCo project

Conscious Consumption

Create a change in the behavior of European citizens towards more conscious and ecological consumption patterns.

The Project coco

The initiative will aim to ensure reliable product information and strengthen consumer protection against business practices such as green washing and planned/premature obsolescence.


  • Adult educators, who work in formal and informal training, especially in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas.
  • Adult citizens of these areas, most of whom are not yet participating in regular education. 


  • Guarantee reliable information about products, and strengthen consumer protection against commercial practices such as greenwashing and premature obsolescence.
  • The CoCo game will prepare learning tools integrating information on three of the most consumed product groups and raising awareness about what these bad practices mean for citizens.


  • The digital platform will serve as a tool for adult educators. Adult trainers will be involved throughout the life of the project for testing and feedback, expecting no less than 100 trainers.
  • A place to find knowledge, containing all the basic information a person should know about CE.
  • A Serious Game, which will allow the participants to become familiar with the benefits of CE.
  • A user guide, to guide you through all the necessary steps to become familiar with the results of this project.

European partners

  • Comparative Research Network EV, Germany.
  • EURO-NET, Italy.
  • Dr. Ludwig Intelligent Projects GmbH, Germany.
  • Kaakkois - Suomen Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy, Finland.
  • Erasmus Learning Academy, Italy.
  • Fundacja Otwarty Plan, Poland.
  • Blue Room Innovation, Spain.
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Blue Room Innovation & Sustainable Development

At Blue Room Innovation we provide technological solutions for sustainable development. The CoCo project pursues quality education and is part of SDG 4. Erasmus + projects are also part of SDG 17, since they promote collaboration between countries to achieve the objectives.

SDG 4 quality education projects