Determine if blockchain makes sense to improve your municipality’s circular model

What are we gonna do for you?

- We detect the potential actions that you can develop with blockchain technology to improve the circularity of the city. 

- We analyze the best practices of your competition to determine what they are doing with blockchain. 

- A functional demonstration that helps you decide your next steps.

- An TRL 6-7 autoblockchain use case that prepares to connect the city to the open blockchain.

What results will you get?

- A roadmap of the eventual deployment of circular blockchain for the city.

- Identification of an expert blockchain partner known to the municipality. 


Sustainability and waste law enforcement.

Obtain blockchain certificates for CO2 offset.  

Fulfill your circularity commitments.

Improve trust and credibility with citizens and businesses.

To turn the municipality into a promoter of circularity recognized in the CircularTrust ecosystem.


Our experience: 

Blue Room Innovation is a company specialized in advanced technologies, among which blockchain stands out.

We have carried out development projects and blockchain consultingin different sectors and company sizes.

We are experts in applied solutions to the economic circular based on this technology.

The implementation steps are: 

 It is important to be able to quickly and universally interpret the state of technological maturity of a project. If you want to digitize some processes of your company using blockchain technology, from Blue Room Innovation we will follow some specific steps using the TRL level. . The TRL of a product ranges from level 1 to 9, corresponding to the first stages of ideation and the 9 to the full deployment in the market. This will help us to be able to quickly and universally interpret what state of technological maturity your project is in: 

blockchain a tu empresa
blockchain a tu empresa
blockchain a tu empresa


Cases of use:

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