This Christmas, we fight the climate emergency.

At Blue Room Innovation we are committed to sustainability, caring for the planet and social equality. For this reason, on dates as important as Christmas, we believe that the best gift that we can offer to our environment must be collective and respectful of the planet and people.

We wanted to transform the Christmas details into a joint action aimed at contributing to those who need it most.

This Christmas, we have contributed our and your grain of sand to Doctors without Borders.

Concretamente, la aportación irá destinada a ayudar a los que sufren las consecuencias el cambio climático.

The climate emergency it is a major threat to human health, particularly in places where people no longer have access to or are excluded from basic health care. There are an increasing number of people with infectious diseases such as malaria, dengue and cholera, as a result of changes in rainfall and temperature patterns; cases of zoonotic diseases increase due to increased pressure on the environment; and more frequent extreme weather events, such as cyclones and hurricanes, and droughts, can contribute to or cause malnutrition.

In addition, we will continue to work hard to help mitigate climate change and its consequences with projects and actions that pursue a circular economy, free of waste and less polluting. We will also continue joining forces to achieve a more inclusive, egalitarian and respectful society, thus contributing to continue putting each and every one of the Sustainable Development Goals at the center of our efforts.

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