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For financial advisors and financial institutions the rise in use of digital technology is of interest both internally and externally to their operations. Internally, digital technology can be used to become more efficient, reduce waste and get one step ahead of competitors. Externally, the market which the financial institution serves is changing rapidly and so opportunities arise to harness these changes, for example to measure the credit worthiness of a person or company using their social credit score. New monetary systems are emerging like virtual currencies which are alternatives to traditional finance options.

At Blue Room Innovation here are some new and innovative technologies that we are applying to this sector:

      • Recommender systems that can tailor the products and services offered to clients that result in an 8-20% revenue increase for your business.
      • New ways to assess people and businesses for credit with social credit scoring.
      • Our work with Beezy and their corporate social network is helping organizations to become more efficient and innovative.
      • Virtual currencies like RES and Eurakos which revolutionize the way products and services are exchanged.
      • Financial forecasting with our intelligent prediction algorithms. See how we applied these to the unique boat refitting business here.

Discover the innovation model here