Financing Innovation

Are you looking to finance your innovation activities?

+ 10 years advising projects
Tap into public and the novel private crowdfunding and reduce your economic risks when innovating with our network of consultants specialized in funding and R&D tax incentives.

Public funding is risk free capital. The funding ensures swift implementation of your projects, enabling fast market introduction. In addition, public funding is a quality stamp, which helps attract further investments.

We come up with enhanced ideas looking outside the box for concepts and partners to strengthen the company’s position and its project and to increase its eligibility for being funded by public bodies. We look for different funding mechanisms at the national (AEESD, RETOS, CDTI PID, CDTI Innovation, ACCIO Nucli d’Innovació, etc.) and at the European level (H2020, H2020 SME Instrument, H2020 Fast Track to Innovation, Eurostars, Eureka, etc.). We, as innovation advisors, help to achieve the new and radically different businesses and overcome the old ones.

> Blueroom provides services related to administrative, technical and financial management of funded European projects as for instance:
· Administrative management
· Financial management and reporting
· Logistics, facilitation and minutes of transnational meeting
· Exploitation plan & Dissemination
· Risks management
· Collaborative tools
· Day to day management (online meeting, planning, etc).

Blueroom members and experts are currently involved in the management of Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ projects. E.g Nir-vana (H2020), SocialDiabetes (H2020-SME Instrument, SOMA (Eurostars), Medis (ERASMUS+).

Crowdfunding is a modern trend project and venture funding by raising money from a large number of people that will eventually be new customers or investors. We offer the creation and management of crowdfunding campaigns in the leading internet platforms as for instance Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdcube etc.

We help you get tax benefits for your R&Di project including Patent Box. Tax deductions for Research and Development (R&D) projects and / or Innovation Technology (IT) is one of the instruments used by the Spanish Government to encourage R&Di, using tax cuts. The Spanish system of tax deductions for R&Di is the most favourable in Europe, because companies can cash back up to 59% of R&D and 12% of IT spending.

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