Greener Green

The importance of sustainability from a young age.

Blue Room Innovation will develop a learning and engagement platform for primary school students, their teachers and their parents with the aim of contributing to the sustainability education of the little ones.

The Project  Greener Green

The Greener Green project will provide 
an evaluation and evaluation tool on how “green” a school is, action plans, trainings, curricula for teachers and even a platform where children can record their ecological actions, get rewards and motivation.

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The main targets of the Greener Green project are:
• Teachers of primary schools
• Pupils of primary schools (6-12years old)
• Pupils’ families and local community.

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To make primary schools in Europe greener by embracing, and contributing to the aims of the Green Deal.
• To train teachers on the principles of sustainability, environmentally friendly, innovative practices to prepare learners and school staff to become true agents of change.
• To enhance teachers and pupils’ digital skills by training them on how to use and employ an online platform to implement real-life projects, plans and objectives towards a greener school.
• To teach pupils how to identify and adapt the values of a greener, sustainable Europe and how they can track their actions and progress through an innovative digital tool.

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• A training program (e-learning) will be developed for teachers to learn how to use the evaluation tool included in the program itself, how to implement changes and how to make their school greener.

• Training of 70 teachers. It will be explained how to use the evaluation tool and the e-learning platform so that they can use them in their schools.

• Multiple events will be held to reach a total of 180 entities and families from the countries that are part of the project.

• At the end of the e-learning, teachers and students will have acquired the knowledge to carry out sustainable practices at school and at home.



European partners

  • Aintek Symvouloi Epicheiriseon Efarmoges
    Ypsilis technologias, Greece.
  • Federation Des Association de Parents
    d’Eleves du Luxembourg, Luxemburg.
  • Blue Room Innovation SL, Spain.
  • Universite de Liege, Belgium.
  • Primary Shool of Vareia, Italy.
  • Escola Bell-lloc, Spain.
  • Scuola Europea di Varese, Italy.
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Blue Room Innovation & Sustainable Development

At Blue Room Innovation we provide technological solutions for sustainable development.

The Greener Green project pursues quality education and is located in SDG 4. 

Erasmus + projects are also part of SDG 17, since they promote collaboration between countries to achieve the objectives.

SDG 4 quality education projects