Transfer, track, and manage assets securely thanks to tokenization. 

We are in the digital age, and this has caused people to begin digitizing their data and information in an organic way. As a result, there has been an exponential increase in cyberattacks and data theft, which has led both individuals and companies to seek secure and effective solutions to protect information. One of them is tokenization.

Blockchain tokenization is the process of converting an object, sensitive data, or any real asset into a token (digital asset) within a blockchain. Each of these tokens represents an asset or a portion of it, and being registered on a blockchain, they can be securely and reliably transferred, exchanged, tracked and managed. Additionally, there is no need for intermediaries and the record of all transactions is immutable.


Blockchain tokenization and its uses

In the world of cryptocurrencies and finance, tokenization is gaining popularity. As we have previously mentioned, tokens can represent assets, which has led to the creation of new, more secure business models and new ways to trade digital assets. The fact that assets can be divided into smaller tokens allows multiple investors to participate in the ownership or financing of assets that were previously only available to high-net-worth investors.

On the other hand, tokenization is very useful for tracing products or raw materials. It allows tracking the movement of products as they are transferred between different actors in the supply chain, as well as being able to know the use that has been given to them. Likewise, product traceability helps improve efficiency in the supply chain, as real-time product information can be accessed. Therefore, the authenticity and integrity of products can be guaranteed throughout the supply chain. Additionally, it can be very useful for verifying if the product or material complies with government regulations and necessary quality standards.


Our Projects

From Blue Room Innovation we have used blockchain tokenization in various sustainable projects, one of them is Circular Port; where we use blockchain tokenization to transform the batches of waste discharged by ships into digital assets. We use composable tokens to record qualitative characteristics and quantitative indicators of the discharged waste. These data may include the type of waste, its origin and destination, its weight, the transformation process, and the rights and obligations of each batch of waste. 

Thanks to Circular Port and through the tokenization of supply chains, we can turn waste into value.

Looking to the future, with the growth of the digital world and decentralized applications, blockchain tokenization is expected to continue as a growing trend and become one of the most effective ways to protect our data. Do you want to boost traceability and security in your projects with tokenization solutions? At Blue Room, we are ready to be your technological partners and help you implement them. Contact us and take your business to the next level! 

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