NFC Track: Ensuring Product Authenticity and Details through Blockchain and NFC

From Blue Room Innovation we collaborate with Rotimpres to bring NFC TRACK to life, an initiative that merges blockchain technology with the efficiency of NFC devices. Its goal is to increase the value of products and promote practices such as container returns, recycling, and circularity. By integrating NFC devices directly into products and backing them with a decentralized blockchain platform, the integrity and traceability of items from their origin to their end-of-life treatment have been secured.

In addition to contributing to sustainability, NFC TRACK also helps combat product counterfeiting. By combining the capabilities of NFC and blockchain, consumers can easily verify the legitimacy and origin of the products they purchase.

How does it work?

Through the integration of NFC devices into products and their connection to a decentralized blockchain platform, consumers can securely verify the authenticity and origin of products. This approach can significantly contribute to improving the reputation of brands, as they provide valuable information and can reward users who scan products and register on the platform. Through an application that facilitates the scanning of NFC tags, consumers can access detailed information about the product, including its description, batch, and container return points.

NFC Track also introduces product tokenization. By assigning each product a non-fungible token, a unique digital identity is created that confirms the authenticity and certification of the products, offering an additional layer of security for users. Possession of the token also grants access to product-related promotions, providing brands with an opportunity to build customer loyalty.

The transfer of tokens between users is made possible through NFC Track, facilitating exchanges such as the sale of second-hand products. This function drives the circular economy and encourages the reuse of products by allowing users to transfer ownership rights of a product to another person in a simple and secure way.

The Future of the Platform

Currently, NFC TRACK continues to add new functionalities while developing a collaborative ecosystem with brands, manufacturers, and consumers to ensure success in the comprehensive management of products.

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