Authenticity and Product Details with Blockchain and NFC

NFC TRACK emerges as a result of synergy between Rotimpres and our entity, merging the power of blockchain technology with the efficiency of NFC antennas to establish unparalleled traceability throughout the supply chain. By embedding NFC devices directly into products and backing them with a decentralized blockchain platform, we ensure the integrity and origin of items from their production to the moment they are acquired by the end consumer. In this way, NFC TRACK builds a strong trust bond with customers while providing an unbreakable level of transparency that is invaluable for brands choosing to implement our innovative system.


From 2022 until the present date

What do we do?

Developing a mobile application where users can scan an NFC device (integrated into the product) and obtain all the information on their device.


Blockchain, Product Passport, NFC tags, Tokenization


With the rapid expansion of e-commerce, there has been a substantial increase in the problem of counterfeit goods, which has serious consequences for brand integrity. In response to this challenge, the project carried out by Rotimpres comes with a visionary purpose: to conceive a genuinely innovative prototype. Through the ingenious amalgamation of NFC technology (a distinctive feature of Rotimpres) and blockchain technology, a synergy will be generated that empowers consumers to easily authenticate the legitimacy and origin of the products they have purchased. However, this project goes beyond mere security; it generates new possibilities to enhance your brand image by creating applications that reveal valuable data about the items in question.


We have collaborated with Rotimpres to create an innovative solution known as NFC TRACK. This solution harnesses the synergy between blockchain technology and NFC antennas to address the challenge related to product authenticity and traceability. By incorporating NFC devices into the articles and utilizing a decentralized blockchain platform, consumers can securely verify information and access details about the product's origin and authenticity. Additionally, brands will have the opportunity to enhance their reputation by providing applications that supply valuable information and offer rewards to voluntarily registered users. With NFC TRACK, the security of confidential data is ensured, and product management in the supply chain is redefined.




NFC Tag Reading

Each product will incorporate an NFC tag that can be scanned through the application. This allows access to all relevant information and the authenticity of the product. From details like unit, description, and batch to its validity and essential characteristics. This technology simplifies product verification and offers users a comprehensive understanding of what they are purchasing.

Product Tokenization

Similar to what was mentioned earlier, we apply the concept of tokenization to products. By creating non-fungible tokens, we assign a unique digital representation to each product. This digital token stores key details such as product type, description, unit, and other relevant data. This establishes a digital way to confirm product authenticity and certification, providing an additional layer of security for users.

Product Certification

The product certification functionality allows users to verify the authenticity and certification of purchased products. This means users can quickly confirm whether a product is genuine and meets established standards. This feature adds confidence to the purchasing process, ensuring that products are legitimate and of high quality.

Transfers Between Users

NFC Track also facilitates the transfer of tokens between users. This enables users to exchange tokens, for instance, for the sale of second-hand products. This feature promotes peer-to-peer economy and encourages product reuse, as users can easily and securely transfer ownership rights of a product to another person.

Partners and Future

The development and innovation team at Blue Room Innovation, in collaboration with Rotimpres, is committed to advancing the NFC Track project. We are adding new functionalities and partners while creating a collaborative ecosystem with brands, manufacturers, and consumers to ensure success in closing the product cycle.

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