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Our planet is constantly changing, and it has become a great challenge for all of us, being forced to adapt our daily routine and businesses to align ourselves with what it needs from us. With the help of technologies that enable digital collaboration, companies and people can pull forward sustainability initiatives by acting together and creating powerful innovation networks.

The pandemic context experienced during 2020 has forced many sectors to innovate to be adapted to the new needs. In a situation where face-to-face relationships have been greatly diminished, innovation towards digitalization has been key to adapting during this time.

This scenario and its consequent economic and social crises have invited us to reflect on the future we want and how prepared we want to be for whatever comes next. It also seems that we have felt comfortable with these changes and that we were waiting until we were forced to do so to step on the accelerator!

Nir-vana is co-funded by European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) “ A way to make Europe”.

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Blue Room Innovation and the company Ideas Medioambientales agree to collaborate on traceability projects for the circular economy."

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Advancing towards a circular economy with the help of blockchain technology

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