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At Blue Room Innovation, we promote actively the open innovation boosted by digital means. To ourselves we apply the same principles of open and relationship-focused innovation supported by digital technologies.


What is Open Innovation?

OI is an emerging practice that is gradually being adopted by organizations. It takes advantage of the pervasive digital technologies to accelerate the speed of the innovation process to achieve the widest openness possible. Since the mid-2000s, significant progress has been made to support collaborative innovation processes with digital tools.
Organizations are willing and able to integrate OI practices into their vision of the future, with ways to manage innovation down to regular operations reaching and managing different levels of openness.


Nir-vana is the most relevant open and connected network for European business development piloted on Enterprise Europe Network & SME associations.

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Open Innovation Platform example 

Nir-vana is a great example of the digital transformation of businesses that adopt the modern trends in smart digital technologies.

We have co-created our own open innovation platform, NIR-VANA. Nir-vana is the most relevant open and connected network for European business development piloted on Enterprise Europe Network & SME associations.
Working with NIR-VANA, enterprises can adopt the Open Innovation model, collaborate with an extended ecosystem of partners and more quickly incorporate emerging technologies into their operations to drive business transformation while minimizing risk.

Furthermore, we help understand why and how the open innovation can work for you.
We understand the complexity of the challenge for all kinds of business when innovating.
So, we apply our open innovation approach and connect you with experts from different areas.

Our approach is collaborative and relationship-based.
We use technological tools like NIR-VANA and always combine on- and offline services.

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