Preservation of social media information

Preservation of social media information


PreserMedia is aimed at expanding the current digital preservation market (i.e. libraries, archives, museums and public administrations) towards the personal preservation with the adoption of cuttingedge digital preservation technology.

PreserMedia proposes a common backend of standards-based DP services to cover both professional and personal preservation combining technology from documentary management and enterprise content management with that from EU projects.

PreserMedia will create new demand in an inceptive market: the personal preservation market.

PreserMedia addresses the global challenge for organisations, companies and individuals to deal with long-term DP of their assets. PreserMedia is an ICT solution that will increase Europe´s global competitiveness and support growth by taking advantage and putting in value the investments of Europe in R&D.

PreserMedia is an initiative under development funded by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad del Gobierno de España.


File number: SME-2015-0514