RECICLOS, the innovation for recycling that is already available in all Spanish communities

More and more citizens are enjoying the advantages of recycling with the RECICLOS app. And we are in luck, because this app, which incorporates blockchain technology to trace all the transactions that are executed in it, it is already present in all the autonomous communities.

The construction and programming of RECICLOS has been carried out in an open innovation environment led by Ecoembes y del cual  Blue Room Innovation ha formado parte desde sus inicios. En el año 2019, se llevaron a cabo las primeras pilot testing that allowed validating the population's interest in it, were the starting point and that have allowed us to reach more than 370,000 recycler users today.


This is how RECICLOS works

RECICLOS can be used both when recycling at home and when recycling outside the home, at universities, companies or transport stations. At home, the user scans their beverage cans or plastic bottles with the app and outside the home, thanks to machines that perform this scanning themselves.

Once the containers are scanned and thrown into the container or machine, points are obtained that can later be exchanged in a marketplace, which is included within the application itself, for participation in raffles for sustainable prizes. They can also be donated to social or environmental projects.


RECICLOS and blockchain technology

To make all of this possible in a secure and transparent way, the Blue Room Innovation team worked from the outset to incorporate blockchain technology. Thanks to the blockchain, immutable traceability of the points that are awarded and what they are used for is carried out, as well as possible run lotteries safely, in a valid way and without the need for a notary in just one second.

We are happy to continue collaborating with Ecoembes in building the recycling of the future and we take the opportunity to congratulate all the teams that make it possible for RECICLOS to have already reached all Spanish communities.

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