SaniPass, Revolutionizing Health Traceability with Blockchain

Healthcare and the management of medical products have evolved throughout history. It is noteworthy that in recent years, due to various factors, including COVID-19, health traceability and the control of products in the industry have become a primary concern. Nowadays, all units of blood components, human tissue, or medications must be meticulously traced from production to their final use in patients. In response to this need and concern within the healthcare sector, SaniPass, an innovative solution based on blockchain technology, has emerged. This solution aims to transform and improve the way these elements are managed and controlled.

The purpose of SaniPass and Its innovative solutions

The main purpose of SaniPass is to research, develop, and test a solution that ensures the traceability of data for medical products generated during logistic management and control processes. Although there is already a protected record of this data today, applying blockchain technology ensures its immutability and security.
The project will build upon the traceability system developed by AT-Biotech, which uses RFID smart labels to identify, characterize, and individually control each unit of medical product. Traceability of components is maintained throughout the entire cycle, from production to transfusion, implantation, or administration to the patient.

One of the major challenges of the project is to develop a blockchain-based product passport that guarantees the privacy and scalability of the collected data. To achieve this, SaniPass will implement a combination of public and private blockchain networks to preserve information privacy and ensure data immutability on the main network.

Strategic Collaboration and Consortium Participation

In order to boost the research and development of Sanipass, in this project, we collaborate with a complete and experienced consortium. It is comprised of:   

Blue Circular Innovation, la startup tecnológica vinculada a Blue Room Innovation,que busca explotar los conocimientos y resultados obtenidos en materia de blockchain y desarrollo de plataformas  para poder aplicarlos a proyectos enfocados en mejorar la sostenibilidad y la economía circular.

CataloniaBIO & HealthTech bringing together over 210 leading companies in health and life sciences in Catalonia, promoting competitiveness, innovation, and positioning the region as a prominent global hub in the sector.

AT-Biotech a Spanish company designing and developing traceability solutions for the health sector using innovative digital technologies, oriented towards public and private health institutions.

Smartech Clúster a non-profit association promoting the growth of smart cities by bringing together key stakeholders, fostering business opportunities, collaborative R&D projects, and strengthening the technological chain.

Looking towards the future

Although the project is focused on the healthcare industry, it is anticipated that SaniPass will have applications in various sectors. Hospitals, tissue banks, blood banks, the pharmaceutical industry, and many other entities can benefit from its ability to improve traceability and quality control. The SaniPass project aims to make a significant impact on the evolution of health traceability. With its innovative approach and technological foundation, it is poised to transform the management and control of medical products. With a leading technology consortium and the promise of a safer and more efficient future for public health, SaniPass exemplifies the transformative power of blockchain technology in the healthcare sector and its potential application in countless sectors.

This project is funded by:

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