Smartcontracts in loyalty and engagement projects

Surely in recent months you have heard or read many articles about the benefits and advantages of blockchain technology. But really, in how much of the content you read are real cases presented?

In Spain, the rest of Europe and the world there are many real use cases and research that attest that blockchain is not a fad, but a reality with great potential that is here to stay.

Today we present a real use case in which you can discover the usefulness of smart contracts to carry out loyalty and engagement tasks.


The use of raffles in marketing

Carrying out raffles to generate engagement with customers or users of a product or to capture the attention of new customers is not a new marketing technique, but it has been increased thanks to the appearance of social networks and numerous mobile applications for user loyalty. .

Historically, one of the most problematic points when organizing a draw is to guarantee good practice in the process of choosing the winner and its authenticity. It is common to see written in the small letters of the draws “drawing validated by a notary”. This requires your time, and for this reason it is not possible to carry out draws in an agile automatic and fast way.


And what would happen if we carried out the draws in a blockchain network? We present the case of RECICLOS.

RECICLOS, through its app, awards points to users for recycling cans or plastic bottles of beverages in the yellow container. They scan the barcode on the container and then the QR code that is installed on the RECICLOS containers in the municipalities that participate in the initiative. Points are automatically awarded that users then use to participate in raffles. Users acquire participations and at the end of the participation period the winning participation is announced. As in the raffles.

How are these raffles run so that they are legal and immutable?

One of the benefits of the blockchain is that everything that happens in it is immutable, it cannot be modified. This gives security that there is no fraud.

To replace the concept of "the innocent hand", instructions for raffle execution are introduced in a Smart Contract that applies the concept of randomness between specific dates for a specific draw and awards a winning number.

The execution of the Smart Contract is carried out at the moment in which the end date and time of the draw is reached and is carried out in a matter of seconds. Another advantage of using blockchain for this.

All these benefits allow multiple raffles to be executed almost at the same time, with a minimum cost, in an auditable, transparent, legal and fast way. A new and revolutionary method in the gaming and engagement sector!


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