El pasado Lunes 22 de marzo se desarrolló con éxito el webinar: "How Technology, innovation & design perpetuate traditional handcraft & art en el marco del proyecto HANDS"

The webinar was developed under the insight of the need for new technologies to preserve traditional art and crafts. The day was carried out by the hand of three great creators:

Marc Sallent, a creative technologist from Barcelona.

"Leaving aside the definition of technology, since in the end it is something that is constantly evolving and changing, now is the time when for the first time we have more sophisticated tools than our hands".

Marc, among other things, presented his personal project "Thread Portraits", a project that, thanks to a robot in the same program, has the ability to make portraits only with black rope, crossing it between 2,000 and 6,000 times.

"Why don't we incorporate new technologies into traditional crafts and art, not by introducing new tools these will lose their value"

Second, we had Kike Macias, founder of StudioApartKike presented his career as a designer with some of his projects.

"Design consists of seeing what others do not see, for designers the most important thing is creativity, we all start with a blank page"

Kike told us about his experience as a designer, focusing on the research part. For his projects, Kike mentioned the importance of immersing himself in and understanding the culture, tradition and people he is targeting in his project to take his projects to the next level.

The webinar closed with the presentation of Solimán López, digital artist and founder of Harddiskmuseuma 2TB museum of digital art on a hard drive.

"For me, the objective of this talk is to understand and accept the history of humanity and its artistic transition as part of a process of learning and evolution of contemporary thought"

Solimán roughly made a journey from the beginnings of art to its evolution.

“The trail and the need to build a legacy have always been present. The future is based on the integration of the past and the preview of tomorrow. "

"We must listen to the people around us, we must go from the demands of our environment to global responsibility"

Among others, Solimán presented his project "Celeste" his artistic work that captures in real time the color of the sky in different parts of the world thanks to some beacons that he himself built and through an interface, thanks to an algorithm, creates a new sky that it does not belong to any particular place, but it does belong to the whole world.

After the day, we can only thank Marc, Kike and Solimán for their willingness and for sharing their ideas and knowledge with us.

Finally and after this summary, we are left with "Technology and innovation are concepts that do not devalue art and traditional, but allow us to evolve and create"

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