The Missing Entrepreneurs, the European Academy of Inclusive Digital Entrepreneurship

The Project The Missing Entrepreneurs aims to build a more inclusive culture towards digital business creation. It seeks to promote and support the development of digital and business capabilities of future entrepreneurs, especially those who belong to vulnerable population groups and still underrepresented in digital entrepreneurship (such as women, immigrants, youth and the elderly). 

The Missing Entrepreneurs project

The project involves 6 organizations from different European countries (France, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Austria). The non-profit organizations, companies and educational institutions of the project fight to achieve its objectives. These are: AMARIS, APSU, CSI, Blue Room Innovation, EGInA and dieBrater Unternehmensberatungs. 

Blue Room Innovation’s role in the project is leading the development of the e-learning database on entrepreneurship. This is possible thanks to our experience in the technological development of innovative technology platforms and approaches.

The Missing Entrepreneurs platform

The Mising Entrepreneurs has developed the European Academy of Inclusive Digital Entrepreneurship, which includes training modules on digital tools for enterprise and digital transformation. In addition, innovative educational materials and resources have been used to implement workshops and training courses organized by the same project.

The platform offers open online courses for entrepreneurs, which are organized in different areas, these are:

In each area you can find information about it both in texts and audiovisual materials. Besides, it provides courses on the operation of tools and programs related to the area (such as Photoshop, WordPress, Google My Business...) this allows the user to apply the theory taught to his business.

Each of the areas is composed of a course and a questionnaire, where you check if you have acquired the information taught about the tools and programs. If you complete the questionnaire and materials for an area, it grants you a digital badge. When you get all the badges, you will receive the Final Badge The Missing Entrepreneurs Badge!

The Mising Entrepreneurs not only seeks to train future entrepreneurs, but also launches an educational and awareness campaign on Inclusive Digital Entrepreneurship. It also seeks to increase motivation for lifelong learning and entrepreneurship among women, immigrants, young people, the elderly and other people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Upcoming events: 

Do you consider digitization expensive and difficult to apply to your business? Are you aware of the digital tools that can assist you in managing your business and promoting your products?

Come to know how to use digital tools for business easily!

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- Tuesday, January 31st, 15 to 17h to the Isabel Vilà Exhibition Hall of the Mercadal de Girona. C. Cort real, 7 - Girona.

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