Artificial Intelligence: the focus of FITUR 2016

Artificial Intelligence: the focus of FITUR 2016

Tourism sector has been and will continue to be transformed by digital technology

Remember that we used to go to a travel agency to book our flights and holidays? These days most people book online. In the future we may take short holidays from the comfort of our home using virtual reality technology. Tourism is a big business if you are able to embrace digital technology in your business model.

In this line, the upcoming International Tourism Trade Fair – FITUR taking place in Madrid from January 20th to 24th constitutes an excellent opportunity to present and discuss over innovative solutions in the field of tourism. In this edition, Artificial Intelligence and its future application in several areas of the tourism sector will be the main topic of the Fair. Naturally, Blue Room Innovation will be present at the event, at the Know How & Export Area stand 10A-06.

What will the future of tourism look like? Will digital travel agents exist? What kind of systems to integrate transport, hotel and activity options will we have? Here you are some of our examples of tourism applications:

Improving customer service and increasing sales

AGI is an advanced intelligent personal assistant which aims to automatically answer customer questions regarding the sale of tourism products. It addresses challenges of increasing online sales and more demanding customers who require accurate answers at anytime. It also leverages the increasing use of mobile devices and tablets to make bookings online.

Better feedback managing customer preferences

From customers’ point of view, hotel planning, booking, experience and feedback are currently a fragmented process. Today, there are digital technology solutions such as intelligent platforms capable of managing all parts of the process, from booking, to adjustment of preferences like lighting, through to feedback. Imagine the power of all this data in your hands!

Re-thinking how to price accommodation

There are established intermediaries in accommodation booking which can camouflage prices and extend the gap between the provider and their customers. To disrupt this model, a new model is proposed whereby the customers themselves set the price for the accommodation based on their perception of the value. This model would provide a closer relationship with the client and increase utilization of your services.

Tailoring products to customers’ needs

Because every customer is different, the offer made to them should be too. For instance, Blue Locations is a vacation rental web focusing on prestigious buildings, located in the Costa Brava, unlike other sites that focus on all types of properties. By creating digital profiles of users the offer is tailored based on their preferences. Recommender systems can improve sales by 8-20%. Would you like to try?

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